It Used To Be Illegal NOT To Grow Marijuana

It Used To Be Illegal NOT To Grow Marijuana

Weird, right?

In 1619 the Virginia Assembly passed legislation requiring each farmer to grow hemp. Hemp was allowed to be changed as medium of exchange in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland.
Domestic production flourished till once the war, once imports and different domestic materials replaced hemp for several functions. within the late nineteenth century, marijuana became a well-liked ingredient in several healthful product and was sold-out brazenly publicly pharmacies. it absolutely was conjointly used for rope and vesture, however most significantly for sails.

Hemp arrived in Colonial America with the Puritans within the style of seed for planting and as fiber within the lines, sails and caulking of the Mayflower. British sailing vessels were ne’er while not a store of hemp seed, and British colonies were compelled by law to grow hemp.

Hemp was the fiber of selection for maritime uses attributable to its natural decay resistance and its ability to cultivation. every war vessel and merchandiser vessel needed miles of fibrous line and heaps of fibrous canvas, that meant the Crown’s hunger for the goods was nice. Ship captains were ordered to propagate hemp seed wide to supply fiber where repairs may well be required in distant lands. In our day and age, we are able to conjointly use hemp for things like paper, skin and sweetness product, plastic replacements, oil, wax, and even fuel.

There square measure too several different cool facts concerning marijuana to list, however let the very fact that cannabis is drugs, it cures cancer, and it’s huge industrial uses function a number of the most reasons why this can be one amongst the foremost exceptional plants on earth.